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Visiting our shows is an excellent opportunity to meet breeders who have great quality birds.

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It is our intent to assist people in locating responsible breeders

who have the Timbrado breed's best interest at heart.  Individuals listed below are USTF members who breed the Spanish Timbrado song canary and can assist with selecting the right bird for you.

As a club

we strongly encourage our members to train, show and breed quality Spanish Timbrados.  As a buyer, we suggest you seek out breeders who train, show and are selecting the best birds to breed.  Look at our show pages for those who participate in our shows.  You can ask for pedigrees, score cards and other information, but the most important thing is to try and listen to the bird to be sure it has a song you like.  Your satisfaction will only help strengthen the reputation of the breed here in the USA.  The USTF officers or members assume no responsibilities for claims of either quality or health of birds offered for sale.  Buyers and sellers assume all risks and responsibilities.

State             Name                             email/phone

CA         Babak Fayyaz Najafi

CA         Bonnie Black      (707) 584-5452

CA         Tom Machin       (805) 735-6440

CA         Kurt Stevens        (707) 942-5651

CA         Sebastian Vallelunga

CT         Gabriel Arroyo      (203) 993-1145

CT        Rodrigo Caca         (203) 727-3383            

CT         Edward Tomasko  (203) 925-8955

CT         Lino Batista  da Silva    (203) 449-3018

FL         Sara Palmer          (941) 830-8468

FL         Barbara Tilden      (407) 644-2370

MA        Juan Sanchez       (413) 262-5109

NJ         Rui Madeira          (732)456-3171

NY         Frank Bua              (914)804-6089

TX         Gisela Behgooy  

TX         David Cummings  (817) 705-6163

TX         Patricia Roberts   (214) 536-7551

TX         Ray Terrazas        (713) 977-2972

Canada  Ami Benarroch  Thornhill, Ontario