About Us


Our Mission

is to unite all who love and breed the Spanish Timbrado and to provide a venue for the free exchange of knowledge and ideas, in order to encourage and support Timbradistas everywhere through a cooperative effort, which encompasses education, mentoring programs, exhibitions and friendly competitions.


Current Board of Directors


Louis Calvo

FOE Judge 126

First Vice President

Tomas Machin

Secretary / Treasurer

Patricia Roberts

FOE Judge 128

Founding Members

Patricia Last

Stephen Slates

Pamela Cale

Nella Hurtado

Eduardo Hurtado

Daniel McKeever

Patricia Roberts 


Regional Vice-Presidents and Committees

Eastern Regional Vice President

Ed Tomasko

Southern Regional Vice President

Ray Terrazas

Band Secretary

Sue Tomasko

Education & Standards Committee

Luis Gil

FOE Judge - COM Judge

in charge of FOE College of Judges

Madrid, Spain

Membership Secretary

Patricia Roberts

FOE Judge 128


Patricia Roberts

FOE Judge 128


Patricia Roberts

FOE Judge 128

Past Presidents

Patricia Last

Patricia Roberts - FOE Judge 128

Sebastian Vallelunga