A Blue and White Timbrado Singing

Aziz Shansab receives his Best Novice award at the 2015 Pacific Region Contest

Josue Corona receives one of the Best Individual awards he won at the 2015 Pacific Region Contest

Jose Carillo wearing his 4 medals at the 2015 Pacific Region Contest

Xitlaly Reynoso receives the Rafael Ortiz Judge's Special Award at the 2015 Pacific Region Contest

Some USTF contests have the custom that the winner one year provides a related bird to be auctioned the following year to help financially support the contest.  Here Jeily Reynoso, the 2014 winner, describes the 2015 auction bird she has donated.

The Pacific Region has had the custom of going out to dinner as a group right after the awards are presented.  The group grows each year. 




The wild canary, Serinus canaria, where it all began
and where many Spanish breeders return for
 crossbreeding to add brightness to the song of
their lines

Typical green Spanish Timbrado Song Canary in his
 song cage

A white crested timbrado

Patty passes her judge's test in Spain

Patty and Henry Vela check out some of the awards in Spain

A nice view of a judging cabinet in Spain

USTF Multinational Judge Patricia Roberts presenting
 an award to Sara Palmer at the 2010 Florida Show

Patty presenting an award to Terry Spreeman
 at the 2010 Florida Show

Aliot Gonzalez recieves an award from Judge Patty

Johan Radius and his award with Judge Patty

USTF National Judge Sebastian Vallelunga presents
 Bonnie Black an award at the 2010 California Show

Judge Sebastian presents an award to USTF
Pacific Regional Vice-President Tom Machin
at the 2010 California Show

David Rose receives an award from Judge Sebastian

At left, Spanish National Judge Angel Luis Moreno
 (aka Randy Wilson), shown here with a trainee
 judge in Spain, officiated at USTF Song Contests
 in 2004 and 2005

Spanish National Judge, Rafael Ortiz, shown here in his
 hometown of Cordoba, Spain, officiated at USTF
Song Contests in 2005 and 2006

Spanish National Judge and COM International Judge
and president of Spain's new FECC song canary federation, 
Candido Lorenzo, judged the USTF/SCVCEBC
 Timbrado Division on
December 2, 2006

Kim Achziger receiving her awards
from Candido Lorenzo at the 2006
USTF/SCVCEBC Timbrado Division

Kim's Vehicle all packed up for the 2007 Santa Clara Contest

USTF President, Sebastian
 Vallelunga, receiving his awards from
 Rafael Ortiz at the 2005 USTF/SCVCEBC
Timbrado Division

USTF First Vice President, Gisela Behgooy, receives
 an award from Rafael Ortiz in 2006

USTF Past President, Patricia Roberts, receives a crystal
award in 2006

Henry Vela, former USTF Treasurer, shows some
Texas style

Angel Luis Moreno (Randy) presents an award to
 Audrey Terrazas in 2005

USTF Eastern Regional Vice-President, Susan Kuhne,
 shows off her medals at the Lone Star Contest
in 2007 with Judge Rafael Ortiz

Dorothy Eggars with her medal at the 2007
Lone Star Contest

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